Care Management

Get a care plan that fits your situation.

Our professionals are specialists trained to help families through the process of caring for older relatives. The goal of care management is to decrease family stress and increase quality of life in a holistic way. Help is provided in a number of ways:

Coaching and advising family caregivers

Providing information and insights about the types of services and supports available

Helping families evaluate residential housing or home care options

Assisting with management of doctors’ appointments and medications

Providing support with legal and financial matters

Assessing the safety and well-being of the client and family

Senior care management helps families solve difficult issues such as how to pay for senior care. Senior care management helps with difficult transitions: when mom or dad’s health is starting to shift, and you want to know what choices are available to you and how to pay for them. Care managers can also relieve the stress placed on family caregivers, particularly if long-distance caregiving is a factor, and mediate in cases of interpersonal communication issues.